APACC… a Journey worth Travelling

As June 2019 approaches, CVS staff can’t help but feel so many emotions because on the 24th to 25th Concepcion Vocational School undergoes Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC), one of the most recognized accrediting bodies in the Asia pacific.

In preparation for the arrival of the accreditors, headed by lead auditor, Dr. Romulita Alto (Philippines) together with Mr. Sanyog Bhattarai (Nepal) and Mr. Vergel Dela Paz (Philippines), transportation and accommodation should be considered first for the accreditors’ comfort.

On the first day, June 24, 2019, UAQTEA Scholars together with the CVS full house personnel headed by Dr. Alvin L. Yturralde lined up to heartily welcome them, then a sneak glance of the previous accreditation was flashed through multi-media presentation, where actions taken from the APACC recommendations were systematically presented. Every bit and piece of the presentation was carefully recalled but innovations caught their attention most and out of curiosity, they immediately visited the gallery of innovation located at the farm mechanic building to personally witness and experience all of them, even the information technology innovations.

Since there are 7 criteria, each of the chairperson in-charge and the members audaciously answered queries and concerns from the accreditors. A thorough evaluation and review of CVS’ operation not only its financial resources to operate, but also quality academic standards, every criterion were scrupulously perused and evaluated.

The APACC team commended the various developments made by CVS such as the provisions of a conference room with pantry and sound system, faculty room, COA office, innovation center, business center, installation of CCTVs and alarm systems, vertical garden, organic garden, Student Council Organization (SCO) office, records/APACC room, acquisition of STARBOOKS from DOST and refurbishment of Admin building.

CVS’ purpose of APACC accreditation is not solely for its own sake, instead, it seeks to guide TVET institutions in equipping themselves with internationally-recognized standards and systems to produce workforce with great mobility that move across borders, with regionally-competitive qualification skills which make the quality of TVET in harmony with the entire region for a more improved quality of facilitation.

Nothing more overwhelming than being recognized internationally in terms of producing quality-assured and employment-ready graduates which gives employer and public the confidence to be truly deserving — an APACC awardee. With this, CVS then will be the one of the firsts of Regional network of quality-assured institutions which produces the drive to quality improvement that would influence other institutions, through Regional Mobility of workforce and Qualifications.

Indeed! It is not the journey that makes APACC worth travelling; it is the ticket to the journey. Come and travel with CVS.


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