Clinic Utilization

Emergency cases happen anytime, anywhere and to anybody. Any institution or even the smallest unit in the society should prepare for any emergency cases.

At TESDA-CVS, access to medical attention is one of the most sought considerations for students’ welfare and the staff as well.

Since there is only very limited population of the students, a school nurse is not advisable, hence, Dr. Alvin L. Yturralde, advised  Ms. Aileen T. Paz and Mr. Rico D. Briones to attend Red Cross  basic First Aid Training at Red Cross Tarlac City office to acquire experience and hands-on application for proper  facilitation of the  conduct of first aid treatment.

After the Red Cross seminar attended and received certificate of training, Dr. Yturrlade issued an office order, indicating that Ms. Aileen T. Paz is the assigned Clinical medical Assistant of TESDA-CVS.

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