Concepcion Vocational School establishes PPE Inventory System

TESDA-CVS’ administrator Dr. Alvin Yturralde emphasized the primary role of an inventory system- to track institution’s products and supplies. With this, he formulated a very effective system to keep records of purchased, disposed, available and lacking tools, facilities and other related items. The formulated inventory system also tells the location of your inventory, this can be particularly important if there are various inventory in the institution.

While inventory management has always been one of the most considered bases in monitoring all the supplies, equipments, facilities and others, and the important, it has become a tiring and tasking area in an institution. As the needs of companies increases, they must in turn increase demands on their suppliers. It is important to maintain excellent inventory management in order for suppliers to have enough supply. And through the efforts of the VSA of Concepcion Vocational school, inventory is now just a tick away.

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