Curriculum Review: What’s working, What isn’t and What we’ve changed July 18, 2018

As recognized educational institution, TESDA-CVS considers curriculum as a runway for attaining goals of education.  it is considered as a blueprint of an educational programme and the basis for any major curriculum change is significantly to improve the  existing curriculum.

The Process of Curriculum change helps in the assessment of future needs  of the existing curriculum along with a determination of what needs to be  changed and the selection of possible solutions to problems and the means by  which the necessary changes can be achieved, revision means to give it a new position or direction, reviewing its philosophy by way of its aims and objectives, reviewing the  content included, and re-thinking its effectiveness.

During the curriculum review, interests or abilities of the learner were patterned to restructured curriculum to eliminate unnecessary units, teaching methods and contents. Dr. Alvin L. Yturralde along with the CVS Faculty and staff  jointly tailored teaching and  learning experiences based on the objectives. The introduction of latest and update methods of teaching and  content, new knowledge and practices including the incorporation of the 21st century skill was also considered. Curriculum revision was carefully planned and executed smoothly.

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