CVS 19th Commencement Exercises

TESDA-CVS recently conducted its 19th commencement exercises on July 19, 2019 at the covered court of Green Village, Concepcion, Tarlac. This was considered to be very historically spearheaded commencement exercises since it was the first batch of UAQTEA graduates.

During Mayor Andy’s speech, he mentioned that issues on the teaching of concrete skills greatly occupy the job market. Many technical skills are in short supply today and are sorely needed by industry due to the changing nature of labor demands, this was one of the reasons  some graduates did not attend the ceremony because they are already working which proved that TechVoc graduates remunerate employment typically faster and targeted to a specific career.

Modern time offers multifaceted educational preferences that can leave parents and students feeling overwhelmed. At TESDA-CVS, parents and students can steer the costly college education and the upsetting implication of student debt due to the implementation of R.A. 10931, in addition to this, parents ensure—or at least increase the odds—that the skills their children gain in CVS relate to the demands of the competitive job market.

Being the administrator, Dr. Alvin Yturralde in his speech, he constantly upholds the formation of solid character, interpersonal skills, spiritual wisdom and community involvement complete the package in the young adult on the road to personal and professional fulfilment. According to him, it is a healthy blend of thinking and doing with proper values that constitute a more complete education. Parents in this case were so certain that CVS is in one with them in guiding their children and prepared them to address the persistent waves of globalization and technology. Students need to be well positioned for how these powerful trends will play out in our economy and society. Such a blend builds confidence in the graduates so that he or she feels well prepared to contribute meaningfully in the modern world.

The entire CVS family sincerely congratulated all graduates, parents and guardians.

CVS 19th Commencement Exercises CVS 19th Commencement Exercises CVS 19th Commencement Exercises CVS 19th Commencement Exercises CVS 19th Commencement Exercises CVS 19th Commencement Exercises

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