CVS’ 2018 Model Employees

Model employees collaboratively work with others to get the job done with positive relationships and can-do attitude by putting the team’s success ahead of personal gain. Unconsciously, they open and share information that help the team  achieve  positive results and  acknowledge others’ contributions, even by just saying, agyu tamu ini, kaya natin to!”  ironically, they are also learners because they show active ways of doing things better by developing themselves professionally by thinking about what they do.

Consecutively, CVS proudly announces its 2018 model employees; DR. Consolacion A. Talisik and Miss Marjorie Ann D. Guttierez, thank you for your tireless contribution and effort in making us all work like leaders and models. More power and God Bless CVS!

CVS 2018 Model Employees CVS 2018 Model Employees CVS 2018 Model Employees CVS 2018 Model EmployeesCVS 2018 Model Employees

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