CVS is now GOLD Level Awardee in APACC

A journey to excellence is a neverending quest. A small institution like Concepcion Vocational School (CVS) has never stopped dreaming to be one of the best in terms of APACC accreditation. In addition to our 2-STAR Level Accreditation under TESDA, another pride is given to us. Yes!… CVS is now GOLD Level Awardee in APACC!!!

CVS is now the HIGHEST in the Philippines and the Fourth Highest in the Asia Pacific in terms of points garnered!

Our hardwork and dedication finally paid-off! Thank you to God Almighty for giving us the strength and the courage to put our dream into a reality.

Thank you to those who believed that we can do it. Kudos to the entire family of CVS who worked hard for it.

To God be all the glory!

CVS would like to quote this comment from the APACC Team:

“The Concepcion Vocational School (CVS) is commended for its relentless commitment to excellence in delivering quality TVET programs and services to its stakeholders.

The Concepcion Vocational School (CVS) has remarkably sustained the quality improvements in all areas being assessed. CVS has communicated the institution Vision, Mission clearly to all stakeholders by displaying a printed copy of it in all public places and including it in all printed materials. CVS promotes transparency and provides clear direction to all employees, by conducting regular management meetings and documenting the minutes of the meetings. Similarly, CVS’ performance of the current year has been improved.

Facilities improvement (function room, offices, workshop room) as well landscaping and open-air area development, acquisition of additional office equipment, and services like upgrade of internet speed from 12mbps to 40mbps, website updates signify co mmitment to quality service and efficiency in operation.”



CVS is now GOLD Level Awardee in APACC CVS is now GOLD Level Awardee in APACC


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