Animal Production (SWINE) NC II

This program consists of competencies that a person must achieve to handle breeders, handle farrowing sows and sucklings, raise weanlings, produce finishers, maintain healthy animal environment and apply biosecurity measures. It is a dual training curriculum wherein the students will spend 1 year in school and ___ hours in the Animal Production (Swine) industry farm. The course also includes units of competency in Communication, Career Professionalism, Teamwork, Health and Safety, Computer Operations and Management, Physical Fitness, Environmental Awareness, Basic Business Calculations, and Awareness on Social Issues.


(Created July 2016)

  1. To increase people’s awareness on the importance of livestock (swine) production and promote a positive image of the agricultural sector by constantly providing in-school and community-based programs.
  2. To provide an efficient training on swine management that is responsive to the needs of the industry and community and evaluate the program in response to identified needs.
  3. To continuously improve the method of training delivery by measuring the competence of the trainers and trainees at the end of the training through a system of evaluation and assessment.