Cookery NC II

This program is a competency-based curriculum which consists of competencies that a person must achieve to clean kitchen areas, cook hot and cold meals, and prepare, portion and plate meat/food to guests in hotels, restaurants, canteens, resorts and luxury lines/cruises. . It is a dual training curriculum wherein the students will spend 1 year in school and ___ hours in the restaurant industry. It also includes units of competency in Communication, Career Professionalism, Teamwork, Health and Safety, Computer Operations and Management, Physical Fitness, Environmental Awareness, Basic Business Calculations, and Awareness on Social Issues.


To become the leading provider of quality training in Cookery NC II in Region III by 2022


Developing technically competent, efficient, self-reliant and morally upright Cookery NC II graduates with positive work values that are receptive to the needs of the labor market through the delivery of excellent and relevant training.


1. To intensify the importance of Cookery NC II program in making students skilled and self-sufficient

2. To achieve effective, efficient and well organized training in Cookery NC II