National Zero Waste Month

The whole month of January is also known as zero waste month. This celebration of ”Zero Waste Month” was declared under Presidential proclamation no. 760 and is pursuant to Republic  Act 9003,also known as Ecological Solid Waste Management act of 2000, and was signed by former President Benigno S. Aquino III on May 2014.Thisadvocacy by the government is to promote management of waste products to reduce/eliminate the volume of waste. This proclamation is an important reminder of the need to be mindful of the waste we create.

Problem about waste is already a worldwide problem. It has reached critical levels. It has polluted our seas, causingaquatic animal to die in the cause of the being entangled by plasticand swallowing plastics. It has also killed corals which serves as shelter for fishes. For example, the news about the whale that was found washed up in the shores Mabini, Compostella Valley, and scientist had found 40 kilograms of plastic in its stomach which was the cause for its death. This just proves that waste management is really a need in our country.

Here in CVS we practice waste management and zero waste everyday. This educates students the importance to manage waste and urges the students to reduce,reuse and recycle. The 3 “R’s” is strictly enforced in CVS. Such as plastic bottles, which are recycled in the campus in many uses, such as decorative and alternatives to pots for plants and for eco breaking. We have all seen where the eggplants in the quadrangle have been planted. It is planted in recycled water dispenser bottles which prove how serious CVS is in the matter of waste management. We don’t encourage students to bring disposable plastics to lessen the disposal of plastics than can cause harm to the environment because these are not easily to decompose. Also we segregate biodegradables and to non- biodegradable.

Caring the environment results to a brighter and cleaner future. What you sown today will be reap by you and your next generation so love the environment because we make the world we live in.

National Zero Waste Month National Zero Waste Month

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