Prepare To Succeed: Getting Ready for APACC

One of the best ways to prepare for the next audit cycle  is to stay on top of the previous inspection results. TESDA-CVS stays at tuned by a revisit prior observations and corrective actions come future inspections. It is especially important to complete any action plans associated with previous observations. CVS conducts 2-day mock audit on February 12-13, 2018. One of the main objectives of the mock audit is to have a good source for anticipating vulnerabilities during actual APACC audit.

Periodical reviews of internal processes for weak areas that APACC may not have discovered in previous audits must be taken action to correct these areas to  reduce risks of future noncompliance.

Aiming for Gold rating should always be at hand and a reality for all TESDA-CVS personnel. Team work and common goal drive everyone in anticipation, that the next cycle of APACC audit will surely be a GOLD one.

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