RD Dante Joaquin Navarro visits TESDA-CVS

On April 23, 2018, TESDA Region III regional Director Dante J. Navarro made the entire TESDA-CVS personnel comfortable and excited as he casually promotes his GREEN TVET advocacy.

The friendly conversation about RD’s observations gave very promising feedbacks, music to everybody’s ears.  The very supportive regional director wants to make CVS’ governing body part of the most recognized institution not only in the entire region but beyond.

As he goes through his observations and conversations, CVS personnel headed by Dr. Alvin L. Yturralde started to feel loved, appreciated and proud which inspired us to accomplish every task with care and quality outputs. This is the fuel that was keeping these remarkable and energetic CVS people going all day.  TESDA-CVS always roots its success at pace with its Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives.


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