Teachers’ Day: Excitingly Amazing! By jcahwl

Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to thank all teachers for all their continuous strive and contribution to the global framework of needs and requirements needed in  building  a strong foundation to a more capable and productive future generation.

At TESDA CVS, It is likely not a surprise anymore to all of us trainers hear that teachers matter, because we are often appreciated in every small and great thing we accomplish, every ordinary school day is a teachers’ day but not this year’s celebration.

On October 5, 2018, a very different and wonderful way of another teachers’ day became extra-ordinarily surprising to all of us, each of us felt so much appreciated. We felt the warmth and love.

Each of us was given a very special meaning the letters of our names, which brought laughters all around the conference hall. From our childish characteristics to the most transparent personality, and funniest one was the not so true adjective just to add savor and zest to the celebration, especially the word “sariwa” for sir Carlos and “matangkad”  for Engr. Felix which were extremely the other way around.

CVS teachers and trainers demonstrate are considered to be strong, an open minded teachers, and highly competent which lead to lasting academic and social performance gains.

Being a teacher and leading others to become literate, educated and learned is an avenue for finding out more about the world around us, and a doorway into new worlds, the people around us, where one can learn about the ways that other people think and act.

Teachers' Day: Excitingly Amazing!

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