Tree Planting: CVS’ Share to Humanity

In CVS’ pursuit of progress and Green TVET, Tree planting activity has become one of the regular highlights in every important school activity.It can sometimes seem that many of the people nowadays show disrespect for the environment continued and escalated over the years without considering the consequences of the actions.Sometimes the need for a little reminder that our planet is vulnerable and that one must havethe responsibility to contribute.

On October 5, 2018, CVS’ Faculty and Staff headed by Dr. Alvin L. Yturralde, made another history in the existence of Concepcion Vocational School, it is on the same day where CVS teachers were recognized and were given appreciation, and as a share to humanity and to mother earth, tree planting activity was conducted since trees help the environment and create the air we breathe and filter air pollution. CVS believes that planting more trees, though may sound simple, is one of the best things CVS can do for the local environment, and for the entire community.

Dr. Yturralde, gave his short message on the effects of planting trees in the campus, which can go miles and miles, from generation to generation.The head of the instructional Department, Mr. Rico D. Briones, opened the tree planting ceremony by giving his short message regarding the significance of tree planting activity.

As advocate of GREEN TVET, CVS has the principle of planting trees improve quality of life, the more trees planted, the better!

In addition to this, CVS’ landscape includes trees which contribute relaxation, lowers stress level and creates shade for cooler and moderate warmth to the ambience of the entire campus. It drastically improves the aesthetic appearance of the grounds making the campus more inviting to students, parents, faculty, and the surrounding community.

As member of CVS family, it becomes a moral responsibility to pass on the rich natural heritage to the students and make them learn the significance of the components of the nature.

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