We Make Change Work for Women

“We make change work for women” theme for these year’s celebration of women’s month as  Concepcion Vocational School annually observes its importance. Women’s Month celebration recognizes every woman with the promotion of gender equality. As reality shows, what things men can do women can do as well. Concepcion Vocational School and the entire country simultaneously celebrate the Women’s Month every March.

In addition to this, wearing of any shade of purple or violet will be much appreciated since this color was chosen to represent women empowerment; the Student Council Organization provided some purple ribbons for those who do are not wearing any shade of purple. All students and the faculty participate in this celebration, the Student Council Organization and Faculty helped the students realized that all women no matter who they are must be respected.

The program officially started at 8 o’clock in the morning at the CVS quadrangle. Dr. Consolacion Talisik led the Philippine National Anthem, immediately followed by a solemn prayer from  the SCO Secretary, Ms. Millet Dela Pena. To boost the energy and make the students awake and alive,  Ms. Marjorie Anne Gutierrez together with the Admin Staff and CVS Instructors led  the Zumba considered as the Body and Mind Booster.

After the break the Vocational Instructional Supervisor Mr. Rico Briones gave shared his message which  remarkably left an impact to everybody  “ Ang babae minamahal at pinagsisilbihan.” As the program went on, Vocational  School Administrator Dr. Alvin Yturralde gave his short but very touching message.

A very energetic greetings and attention catching roll call immediately followed after the VIS and the VSA delivered their message, every section gave their unique shouts as they hear the emcee call their respective sections. The program was made even exciting when each section performed their presentation as part of the program. The CKT-A and CKT-B danced respectively with their lovely advisers Dr. Lerma Llorente  and Dr. Consolacion Talisik. SET-A also did a spectacularly hilarious role play  portraying the well-known singing contest on television “The Voice”. After that the next performance was from PET-A who sung with their adviser Engr. Marlon Felix to the tune of “Kahit Ayaw Mona”. After the performance and presentation from each section the dance club of CVS did a performance too, it was Cristine Joy Gueco and Kenneth Fronda dance gracefully. All the performance and presentations are done, they took their lunch break and let all the students and admin staffs know that the program will resume at 1 o’clock pm for the parlor games that prepared by our SCO Officers.

As we go back to the program we let the students know what the game and call the participants for each section. The first game was named “Ako si kiko, Ako na si kika” it is a pageant game for men wherein each section will have a male participant a female make-up artist. The mechanics of the game is to have a male participant per section and they have to transform the male participant into a beautiful female and walk in the stage like a model.

For the CKT-A the make-up artist was Leah and the model was Brixley, for CKT-B it was Charito as the make-up artist and Spencer as the model. SET-A chooses Joey as the model and Jean for the make-up artist, it was followed by the PET-A’s make-up artist Annaliza and Joseph as her model.

The make-up artist was given a time to do the transformation and then when they are done doing make up and did the transformation, the model will do the modeling and give their introduction. When they were done doing the introduction the SCO President Charito Cunanan gave them one question and “If you we’re given a power for one whole day what is it and why?” All the models have unique answers and the students decided that they are all winner because they participated and join the said contest and their effort was extravagant

To end the program all the students helped to clean the quadrangle as a part of the CVS Rules and Regulations Clean as you go (CLAYGo). All is well and done peacefully and posit.

By. Ma. Concepcion Bundalan

We Make Change Work for Women

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