TESDA Specialista Technopreneurship Program (TSTP)

The TESDA Specialista Technopreneurship Program (TSTP) is one of the newest projects of the Agency. Essentially, it seeks to address the need for employment of skilled tech-voc graduates who were unsuccesful in landing jobs in the formal sector. It promotes self-employment and inspires the graduates to be involved in productive livelihood endeavors to help themselves and their communities.

TSTP is designed to generate livelihood enterprises to be managed by certified tech-voc graduates. The Specialistas shall receive full support from TESDA and the officials of the local government units were the graduates reside. An aggrupation is a cluster of related skills whose services are highly needed by households and residents, namely; building/house repair and maintenance, beauty care and wellness, appliance repair, computer hardware servicing, food and beverage services, automotive/vehicle maintenance, and small engine repair/servicing.

Under the program, 10 Specialistas will be identified and selected to form an aggrupation. They shall work closely under a TESDA-designated nurturer, undergo additional trainings, receive starter tools kit (average worth: P6,200/person) and vest-uniform, and respond to and deliver home services.

As of June 30, 2012 Central Luzon has a total of 700 Specialistas with 60 aggrupations.